Veterinary Information Technology

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Veterinary Clinics

We provide Information Technology services to a large number of veterinary hospitals across Canada, and have been doing so for over a decade. This has garnered us unmatched experience with a variety of Practice Management, Digital Imaging and Diagnostic Laboratory systems, Telephony, and the setup and maintenance of the computer equipment and network environment that best supports these.

Understanding your unique needs

Contrary to equipment or software vendors who focus on their specific product and often leave you hanging with ancillary issues to resolve, we approach technology holistically from the clinic's perspective to make sure everything works together as a whole.

Gain from our experience

We interact regularly with a large number of small animal practices, so if you encounter some problem chances are we've seen it before.

On-call support

Since our inception in 2003, we have specialized in the unique needs of Veterinary Medical Clinics, providing expert technical services and advice that help maximize the productivity and efficiency of the practice. Our 24/7 support services and single point of contact ensure we'll be there when you need us.

Our veterinary clinic services include:

thumbnailImplementation and Maintenance: systems maintenance, network balancing, workflow efficiencies

thumbnailStrategic Planning: network security, data integrity and recovery, backups and data archival

thumbnailHelpdesk and Support: file-system support, remote access, 24/7/365 emergency response

thumbnailContinuing Education: continuing education and best practices sessions on a variety of related topics

thumbnailMulti-clinic operations: support for individual clinics, groups of individual clinics, and fully integrated groups; local, satelitte, and remote organizations