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Flexible service packages

Managed Services

We listen — you know your business, our job is to help it run efficiently. Working with us gives you access to the experience of senior IT professionals, at a significantly lower cost than hiring. Our full complement of service packages can be adapted as your needs develop, facilitating growth and change in your company.

Forward thinking

Information Technology is constantly changing. This continual evolution is inherent to an industry that keeps pushing the boundaries of possibilty. With decades of industry experience, we keep one foot on the cutting edge of innovation while the other is firmly planted in reality. We leverage our experience and insight to help you find the right match of software and hardware, enabling you to make a wise investment — ensuring your technology won't be here today and gone tomorrow.

Holistic approach

Technology can be powerful — our job is to ensure it functions effectively for you. Our expertise and broad knowledge base makes certain that all your systems work seamlessly together, maximizing your productivity.

Can you benefit from our services?

Ask yourself the following Questions:

  • Is our data integrity secure from tampering and hardware failure – are we vulnerable to hackers and crashes?
  • Are our systems operating at peak performance?
  • Are we utilizing our existing software and hardware to its potential?
  • Is the productivity of our staff hampered by inadequate or mismatched equipment?
  • Are we satisfied with the Return On Investments in our Information Technology?
  • Do we have a plan for dealing with an emergency?
  • Mobile technology is expanding at a dizzying pace — are we prepared?
  • Are we utilizing Cloud Computing services sufficiently?
  • Is our IT situation under control?

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Our systems services include:

thumbnailSystems and Network: systems maintenance, network balancing, workflow efficiencies

thumbnailData and Security: network security, data integrity and recovery, backups and data archival

thumbnailHelpdesk and Support: file-system support, remote access, 24/7/365 emergency response

thumbnailCloud and Mobility: cloud computing, virtualization, hosting and colocation, virtualization

thumbnailBusiness Continuity: strategic planning, data interoperability and integration, custom solutions, Share Point