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Tame the IT beast

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Specializing in small to medium size businesses, Reflex Integrated provides expert technical services that are a cost-effective alternative to in-house IT staffing, and a means to boost your productivity.

Our responsive service and integrated approach ensures that your network, software, and hardware work together in harmony to improve the effectiveness of your operations.


It's more than a buzzword; it encompasses our approach to the technology services we provide. We seamlessly bring together all aspects of the technology used in your office to best suit the way you work.

Experience & vision

Established in 2003, we encompass many years of industry experience, perspective, and skills. This translates into a holistic approach to your technology needs, focusing on maximizing the productivity and efficeincy of your business.

Comprehensive solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions – everything from custom solutions development to hardware support and network provisioning. Our client roster encompasses a variety of industries ranging from financial services, to manufacturing, to veterinary medicine.

Empower your business

Leveraging our knowledge and expertise, our team will work with you to identify your business objectives for the future. Based on these goals, we will assess your company's needs and advise you on the right solutions to implement today, to ensure your targets are reached tomorrow.